Furnace Repair

furnace repair palatine ilWhen the furnace in your home isn’t working, it’s the worst. That’s especially true when it’s cold outside and you are trying to sleep, rest, or just get on with your daily life. Never fear, though! We offer furnace repair in Palatine IL. Even if your furnace breaks at night or on the weekend, we’ll come out, take a look at it, and get it working again soon.

We never want you and your family to be without the warmth you need, especially in Palatine’s cold winters. When you call us, you’re calling technicians who are not only well-trained and highly-qualified, but who also care about you. We know that we wouldn’t want our families to be cold in the winter and so we understand how you feel when you’re calling us. Don’t worry! We’ll get things working again in no time.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Sometimes, your heat disappears entirely. When this happens, you can know for sure that it’s time to call someone to look at your furnace. However, furnaces can give other signs that they need repair. If you notice these signs and call us, you can often avoid a total furnace shutdown.

  • Your hot air isn’t as hot. If the air coming out of your vents is more lukewarm than hot, give us a call. Your furnace should be heating better than that, if it’s going to successfully warm your entire home. When the air isn’t hot, your home won’t get as warm as it should, either.
  • Your furnace is loud. If you listen, you can usually tell when your furnace is running. However, if your furnace is especially noisy, it’s time to give us a call. Furnaces shouldn’t make much noise at all. If yours is, it’s time to call us for furnace repair in Palatine, IL before things get worse.
  • Your furnace is old. Older furnaces can still run well, but they may need more servicing or maintenance to keep them in top shape. If your furnace is old, let us come take a look at it. We’ll let you know what we find, including any potential problems that could get larger down the road.
  • Your furnace hasn’t been serviced in a while. Most furnaces need servicing at least once a year in order to maintain high levels of functioning. If they don’t get this, things can happen and debris can build up that, over time, shorten the life of your unit. Call us and we’ll come make sure it will work for a long time.
  • Your furnace runs all the time. It should turn off and on. If it’s always on, there’s a problem for us to fix.

You don’t have to live without heat this winter! We will work with you to find an affordable, quick solution to any furnace problems you might have in Palatine, IL. Give us call, and we’ll show you exactly why so many people in your area only trust us when it comes to getting work done on their homes.