Hot water probably isn’t at the top of your mind as the
temperature warms up in the summer, but just because it’s hot outside doesn’t
mean you stop using hot water. Whether it’s a hot shower before work or hot
water in the dishwasher, you use just as much hot water in the summer as you do
the winter. Maintaining your unit with Chicago water
heater service
is the best way to ensure you always have water on demand,
even in the summer.

Increase the Longevity of Your Water Heater

One of the most convincing reasons to provide your water
heater with a little TLC this summer is the fact that it can increase the
longevity of your unit. With annual or bi-annual maintenance, you can identify
small problems before they become huge issues. You can prevent rust build-up
and make any Chicago water heater repair that is needed, which is always more
affordable than an outright replacement.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t just about your lights and your
windows. It’s about your water heater too! Calcium build-up can make your water
heater work harder than it needs to, whether you have a gas water heater or a
conventional water heater. With regular flushing, you can prevent those
minerals from depositing in the tank, keeping the cost of heating your water low.

Consistent Access to Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than turning on the shower in the
morning and waiting minute after precious minute for the water to warm up. Make
sure you’ve got hot water in a flash in the morning, and make sure you’ve got
enough to finish your shower with regular maintenance. Sediment and mineral
deposits can be flushed away that would otherwise take up valuable space in
your unit and make it work harder than it should.

Another benefit of regular water heater maintenance is the
fact that a replacement won’t be a surprise. Your maintenance tech will be able
to tell you when you can look forward to your next Chicago water heater

Want to schedule water heater maintenance, or worry that
it’s time for a replacement? Contact Intelligent Service, and we’ll make sure
you have a water heater that works all year long!