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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes


Preparing your home for winter means stowing away lawn
furniture and installing window treatments. It may also mean taking steps to
avoid frozen water pipes. At Intelligent Service, our Chicago plumbing company
has seen many a burst pipe from cold winter nights causing the water inside the
pipes to…

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Convincing Reasons to Provide Your Water Heater with a Little TLC This Summer


Hot water probably isn’t at the top of your mind as the
temperature warms up in the summer, but just because it’s hot outside doesn’t
mean you stop using hot water. Whether it’s a hot shower before work or hot
water in the dishwasher, you use just as much hot water in the summer as you do
the winter…

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Open and Serving You Amid the COVID-19 Crisis with Precaution and Care


As an Essential Business, we are completing plumbing and
HVAC projects – with extra health/safety measures for our service technicians
and Video Quotes to avoid entering your home for estimates.
During the coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to
ensure your home is properly protected. That’s…

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Finding Reliable Emergency A/C Repair Services


If you’re living in Chicago, you know that the summer heat of the Midwest can be intense. To keep up with the scorching temperatures, your home’s air conditioning system needs to run almost 24/7 for weeks on end. In short, the summer season is when your air conditioner will have to work harder than…

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Minor A/C Repairs


Just as
your car needs routine maintenance and occasional repairs to be fully
functional, your air conditioner also requires proper care and attention.
Whether you use it every day during summer or only depend on it from time to
time, it’s important to check your air conditioner for signs of wear an…

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What Causes a Faucet Drip?


Managing a household is a challenging task. Aside from the monthly needs of the family, you also need to handle the maintenance of your home and your budgeting. For homeowners, it is extremely important to find ways on how to save costs on electricity and water consumption. One of the easiest ways i…

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Emergency Heating Repair Services by Intelligent HVAC Experts


To get the most out of the
energy efficiency of your home when it’s
cold, it’s essential to keep up with the
maintenance needs of your home’s windows, doors, siding, and also the
HVAC system itself. When your heater is working properly, your home is
temperature controlled—and the cold weather stays…

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Cost of HVAC Repairs


Repairs to your heater or air conditioner can often come as a surprise, and so can the costs that come along with them. At Intelligent Service we are committed to honest, upfront HVAC repairs without hidden fees. We have been in business for over 40 years, because the people of the Chicago area trus…

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How Einstein Became the Mascot for Intelligent Service


One of the biggest challenges a company faces is choosing a
name and a face for their brand. In some cases, a company ends up naming
themselves more than once after realizing their company isn’t resonating with
customers. That’s the case with Intelligent Service and their Einstein mascot that is

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