Just as
your car needs routine maintenance and occasional repairs to be fully
functional, your air conditioner also requires proper care and attention.
Whether you use it every day during summer or only depend on it from time to
time, it’s important to check your air conditioner for signs of wear and tear
that need to be addressed.

No matter
how minor the problem seems, it’s recommended to have professional Chicago air conditioner repair technicians inspect your equipment to prevent your system from breaking down
when you need it the most—in all likelihood, you’ll want to rely on your system
to run at full capacity during the scorching summer season.

At Intelligent
Service, we are committed to providing our customers with superior HVAC
services—whether it’s a scheduled visit for maintenance or repairs or an
emergency stop when you need it most. We work hard to keep our customers living
in comfortable indoor environments, and know how important, regular check-ups
are for preventing a costly disaster with your AC unit. In this article, we
will discuss the importance of hiring a reliable Chicago A/C
team for regular maintenance, as well as what you should
expect from professional services like the ones we provide.

Importance of Inspection, Maintenance and A/C Repair

air conditioning maintenance and repair services are the most practical option
homeowners have when it comes to protecting their home investments. Air
conditioning systems are not cheap, and hiring experts to check for important
issues will prevent you from break-downs, expensive repairs, or replacements.

from prevention, here are some of the other benefits of air conditioning
repairs and replacements:

  1. Ensures Fast Restoration of Comfort: When your air conditioner malfunctions,
    immediately contacting a professional A/C repair company will help you make
    sure that the problem is fixed right away—in order to get your unit back to its
    fully operational state. This is especially important in the heat of the summer
    when high temperatures can cause discomfort and serious risks to your health.
  2. Extended Life: Whenever you make a home upgrade or
    investment such as an air conditioning system, it is logical to protect your
    investment by providing the continual maintenance and upkeep it needs for as
    long as possible. By having even the most minor problems repaired and
    scheduling regular tune-ups on time, you can expect your air conditioner to
    last much longer.
  3. Promotes Better Air Quality: Only a perfectly running air conditioning
    unit can ensure that your family breathes healthy air in your home. By having your
    air conditioner’s filters and ducts professionally inspected, cleaned,
    repaired, or replaced, you are promoting better indoor air quality for your
  4. Save Money: Addressing simple problems such as
    replacement of a clogged air filter can lower your energy usage by about 5 to
    15 percent. When you have your air conditioner professionally repaired and
    maintained, you are preventing issues from becoming more severe. This will help
    you save money on both repairs and replacements, and also on your monthly energy

What to Expect When Getting an A/C Repair
or Maintenance

When you hire a professional technician to inspect your air conditioner,
the expert should:

  • Check the amount of refrigerant in your unit.
  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks using a detector.
  • Obtain refrigerant that must be evacuated from the system rather than
    just releasing it out to the atmosphere.
  • Find any duct leakage and seal where necessary.
  • Measure the airflow through the evaporator.
  • Ensure thermostat accuracy.
  • Check electric terminals and put non-conductive coating where necessary.
  • Apply oil on motors and check belts for signs of wear and tear.

Your Trusted Chicago A/C Repair Company

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