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Top 6 Signs That Your Pipes Have Frozen

When temperatures fall, it can be easy to forget that your pipes need to be maintained to prevent freezing. Your pipes are an essential aspect of your property that work to allow clean water to flow into your home or business and waste to flow away from your property. Unfortunately, the proper function of your pipes will be impacted if they freeze leaving you with major issues and, possibly, costly repairs. In the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, it is important to make sure your pipes are taken care of during the winter months.

At Intelligent Service, we want our customers to be able to recognize if their pipes have frozen. Six signs that your pipes have frozen include:

  1. Low water pressure
    If you turn on your faucet and water is dripping out or coming out at various times, it is a signal that it is struggling to flow through your pipes.

  2. Slow flushing drains
    When performing tasks like taking a shower or washing the dishes, slow flushing drains can indicate that waste is struggling to flow away from your system.

  3. Water that is not at the right temperature
    Whether you are washing your hands or taking a bath, your water should be at a comfortably warm temperature. Luke warm water when your fixtures are on high heat is a sign that your pipes have frozen.

  4. Strange smells coming from your pipes
    Unusual odors coming from your drains can indicate that waste is accumulating within your system due to frozen blockages within your pipes that are not allowing them to properly move through.

  5. Frosted pipes
    Exposed pipes on your property will be frosted if they were not properly insulated.

  6. Leaking or damp walls
    Frozen pipe will thaw eventually leaving you with leaking or damp walls. If you notice leaks or damp areas on the interior of your home or business, it is a sign your pipes have frozen and are beginning to thaw causing additional damage.

There could be many reasons that your pipes have frozen, but common causes of frozen pipes include lack of insulation, inconsistent home temperatures, open valves or cleanout holes, no hot water, secluded pipes that do not get heated by indoor temperatures, and imperfections within your pipe system like cracks, fractures, and breaks.

If your pipes have frozen, there is no need to worry because you can call the professionals at Intelligent Service to inspect your pipes to determine why they froze. Additionally, we can provide you with suggestions on how to properly thaw them. You can thaw your Northwest Chicago Suburbs pipes by keeping your heater at a consistent temperature, running warm water through your pipes to defrost them, open your cabinets to expose your secluded pipes to warm air, and insulate your pipes.

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