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Mahmood Kapadia
Mahmood Kapadia 5.0
Jean Richardson
Jean Richardson 2.0

My husband hired this company to fix a clogged drain. It eventually required repair of the line leading through the front yard. They dug up the yard to reach the line and left a pile of dirt in the yard. I am glad that the toilets flush but now it looks I have a grave in my yard. Next time I hope to find a company that will finish the job.Read More...

Alison Wathen
Alison Wathen 5.0

Took care of our toilet plumbing issues and thanks to him we found out there was a leak that had damaged the floor, so he reinforced that before putting the new toilet in. He was kind and prompt. We just sprung a leak from one of our outdoor faucets and ...plan to call them in the morning to come take care of it.Read More...

A Google User
A Google User 5.0

The service was absolutely wonderful. Every question was answered and the service was exceptional. I highly recommend Intelligent Service.

I B 1.0

Stay Away On May 21, 2018 at 3PM, I discovered water in the utility room in the basement. The room is right next to the laundry room and the floor in both rooms was wet, not just moist. I panicked, got my flashlight, and tried to identify where the leak ...was coming from. This led me to suspect the structure in the attached image, it was dripping hard and that was a pipe for sump pump discharge. The water however seemed to have been splashing everywhere because these water on the wall separating the two room and well beyond that local area. So I thought that I should have a plumber take a look at it; within minutes, I called Intelligent Service. I made the appointment for the very next day at 11 AM. I kept my eye on it and refrained from using the washer and the kitchen sink as they both go through the same pipe. At 11:05 one of their technicians arrived, Joe I believe was his name, and I led him to the leaking pipe. He first inspected it, took a photo of it, put it through the systems as “Remove leaking section of sump & sink drain / discharge line and install all new pvc piping.” I asked him how much would it cost, and he said $543.89. I was astonished and asked him to provide some itemization because this sound really high. He said that they don’t provide itemization, only ballpark estimates. I told that I would have to think about it. He agreed and sent the estimate to my email instantly; I received it at 11:10 AM; five minutes after he arrived. He then said that if this is the case you still owe us $39.99 for coming out. I told him that when I made the appointment no one said anything about such a charge. I didn’t want to argue so I paid and he went on his way. The very next day, a customer service representative called me to follow up on whether or not I would like to move forward. I told her that I won’t be moving forward and expressed my disappointment in their estimate as this is the third time that I ask them to check things for us and the estimates that they always gave us just didn’t seem fair and were pretty high. She promised that she’ll address the issue with her manager and get back to me. Days passed, and she never did! I kept the leak under control with pots and containers and refrained from using sinks or appliances that lead to it. Luckily it didn’t rain during that period so I managed to limit the damage. I meanwhile called another plumber and asked that they come in. He came in Yesterday, May 30th, and I led him to the pipe, he examined it, went to his van and grabbed his tools. He tightened up the screws that are attached to the metal rings that you see in the images. There are rubber rings underneath these metal rings that once you tighten up the metal rings, the rubber ones prevent any water from leaking. Hi fixed it! I asked him about how much I owe him, he said: “Nothing. I am not going to charge you for something like this.” I greeted him and thanked him. He moved on to his next appointment. Yesterday I called Intelligent Service again and expressed my disappointment, but this time I also told them what happened with us. The lady said that she’ll address the issue with her manager and get back to me! My advice, just stay away.Read More...

Jessica McVay
Jessica McVay 5.0

Bob is the best! He has serviced our furnace and AC unit multiple times. We are very pleased when he comes to do our annual checks. Very knowledgeable. I suggest the monthly payments, they really help out when you’re in a jam and need immediate ...assistance. They are also helpful when you just need your annual tune ups.Read More...

Marcia G
Marcia G 5.0

Matt A just fixed my showers and toilet. He was super polite, professional and efficient. Did a great job, I will definitely call them again.

Natalie Berman
Natalie Berman 5.0

We have worked with Intelligent for years, and, in fact, signed up for their membership services for plumbing and HVAC. We like them, (especially Neal and Bob!) but, more importantly, we trust them. Their work is top notch and their prices are ...competitive. Both Bob and Neal did annual checks of our home and found hidden dangers, and they worked quickly and competently to fix the problems. So grateful for this company!Read More...

Vince Scalabrino
Vince Scalabrino 5.0

Even though it was a holiday weekend, Neal called us back within an hour of leaving a message with their answering service. He evaluated our situation and recommended that we hold off until Tuesday to save money, if we could manage it. I appreciated his ...honestly and agreed that we could manage to wait. Matt came out right on time (at the top of the 2 hour window I was given), was courteous, quick, intelligent and thorough. He explained the price up front and gave me a chance to say no. The price didn't change and there were no surprises. It wasn't a bargain, but it was fair. The area Matt worked in was clean as a whistle when he left, and the pump system has worked perfectly since. I especially liked their recommendation of installing a solid state switch - far superior technology to the alternatives. And since this pump services our entire house, we need to know that we can rely on it. All in all, it was a great experience. We'll definitely be calling Intelligent the next time we have a plumbing issue!Read More...

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