Repairs to your heater or air conditioner can often come as a surprise, and so can the costs that come along with them. At Intelligent Service we are committed to honest, upfront HVAC repairs without hidden fees. We have been in business for over 40 years, because the people of the Chicago area trust us to meet their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.

There are many factors that impact the cost of your HVAC repairs. Our knowledgeable associates and expert technicians are always available to provide you with the most effective repair solutions that meet your needs. Factors that impact the cost of your HVAC repair service depend on the type of repair you residential or commercial system needs in addition to the labor that goes into your repair.

Types of HVAC Repairs

The nature of the repair that is needed to restore your HVAC system is perhaps the most influential factor on the overall price. A unit only requiring a tune-up or other minor maintenance will be the most cost-effective type of repair.

When your heater or A/C need replacement parts, those costs can vary widely. Parts can be less than $100 in some cases for small or common parts, but certain parts can be much more costly. If you have an older unit with rare parts, they may be harder to find, making it harder to repair your system.

In the event that your heater or air conditioner needs to be replaced, the new unit and installation costs will impact your overall charges, although sometimes it can be more cost-effective than extensive repairs on an old unit.

Labor Costs for HVAC Repairs

While labor is factored in to the overall cost of your HVAC repairs, our hardworking technician will still get in and get the job done as efficiently as possible. We arrive with the truck fully stocked so we can get right to work.

By nature, some repairs will take longer than others, but at Intelligent Services we believe in being upfront about your costs. We will let you know the parts and labor costs associated with the repairs needed to fix your HVAC system, and we’ll work with your budget as much as possible.

Call Intelligent Service for HVAC Repairs

Regular maintenance is the best way to guarantee your HVAC repair costs are minimal. We recommend getting your heater and air conditioner serviced once per year to catch potential problems before they become an emergency. Give us a call today if you still have questions about factors impacting the cost of your HVAC repairs, or to schedule repair services with your local experts at Intelligent Service.